Harmonies for the Elderly

Harmonies for the Elderly


Quotes One of my best Christmases ever. Quotes
Gracy Woods I Resident

Quotes I enjoyed the concerts, it was great. It made my day, enjoy such wonderful music. It is something to listen. Thanks! Quotes
Resident at Gracy Woods I Nursing Home

Quotes I enjoyed the performance today, as I always do. I do apologize for all of the people and all those who continued to talk out loud. I'm sure you are all trained to overlook these things, but I'm not. I hope to see you one day again in concert. Please let me know where you will all be from time to time. Keep smiles on your faces even if you are waiting to play. If you're not smiling then you don't seem to be enjoying yourselves. I will always keep you all in my heart. Quotes
Resident at Gracy Woods I Nursing Home

Quotes You are my sunshine. Quotes
Resident at Gracy Woods I Nursing Center

Quotes A big heartfelt THANK YOU for the WONDERFUL music you provided to the residents of Arden Courts of Austin this past month. The residents really enjoyed the music and we appreciate all the effort you have put into your program. Thank you for sharing your talents with us here. Quotes
Nancy Turco
Program Services Coordinator at Arden Courts of Austin

Quotes You all came and did a concert over the summer for GreenRidge at Buckner Villas. For some reason, I just located a copy of the program. Just wanted you all to know how wonderfully talented each of you are and hope you continue to bless senior adults!!! Quotes
Pamela Hold
Life Enrichment Coordinator at Buckner Villas

Quotes I had a terrible car crash years ago and my memory is not good but I was able to recognize some of the songs. I feel very good. Thanks for playing today. Quotes
Resident at Heritage Park

Quotes I used to sing these songs when I was a little girl. I never imagined it would make me so happy listening to them again in my old age. Thank you very very much. Quotes
Resident at Loyalton of Austin

Quotes I grew up during the Depression era. I wanted to learn to play the violin but my father who was a farmer couldn't afford to pay for my violin lessons, so I had to just listen to music then. Today, you played some songs from those days and it brought back good memories. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You made me very happy. Quotes
Resident at Park Bend Health Center

Quotes We would greatly appreciate your continued efforts and would gladly encourage your continued efforts. Quotes
Resident at Gracy Woods I Nursing Home
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